How to become an escort in Paris

We know escorts and specifically Paris escorts, so here is probably the most important blog if you’re interested in escorts. This article is going to concentrate on how to become a London escort and all the things in between, like where to best work and more. So without further ado here we go.

How to get started with the escorting industry

If you’re interested in making a load of money in short periods of time (usually cash in hand as well) then you can be assured that this is the best way to do so. Depending on if you have a bit of money behind you, you could always start by becoming an Independent escort in London which is always a sure way to charge an astronomical amount of money. I’ve personally seen some independent sites charge 3000 euro just for the first hour of your booking. Now that is some money! Equally if you don’t have much money to start off then you can always join a reputable London escort agency which isn’t as bad as you think it would be, it also in many cases would get you a lot more bookings if they’re quite high in the google rankings.

Going with the Agency

It’s the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to get into escorting. It’s kind of like a modelling portfolio where you send the agency over all of your stats and images, this is an assured way to get into the escorting industry. As mentioned previously you will probably have a lot more bookings from an agency as well, mostly because they usually get their new models up as fast as possible. At the end of the day more bookings for you means more money and you get your name out in the escort industry a lot faster as well.

Starting as an Independent

If you’re starting in a better financial situation then you’ll probably want to start out as an independent escort, because this way you’ll probably get your own website dedicated for you. I know quite a few websites like this and as previously mentioned they do charge a ridiculous amount of money for their bookings and they actually do get bookings from very rich men in all honesty and, they’re going to also give you a lot more time as well making sure that they enjoy every second of their meeting with you. One thing that will benefit you if you choose to be an independent is that you won’t have to pay agency fees, these sometimes can be about 20-30% of what you earn from a booking and if you’re earning 1000 euro in one night then this can be a big but to your cash at the end of the day.